Professional timelapses from your project in 4K!


WHATSNXT is a video production company and we are also specialized in long term timelapse projects in high quality.

Most companies use a low resolution IP camera with a 2mp camera, we use a 24mp professional camera to capture your project in a quality it deserves.


The timelapse unit is self powered with a solar panel, waterproof for all kinds of weather, internal 4G connectivity and different mounting options as every project is different.

Solar powered

With the solar panel included, the unit can be powered from the solar and the internal battery for unlimited time. If the project is suited for it. The unit can be placed on locations without power.


The unit is fully waterproof for any weather condition and cna be used on really long projects without any problem.

Viewer platform

As a client you have acces to our live monitoring platform so you can check all the pictures that has been taken on your project. You can even check on specific days and times what the progress was.

Wifi & 4G

With wifi and/or a 4g sim on board, the unit is always connected and we have remote acces to the unit if hours and days changes or to perform service.

High resolution capture

With our high quality camera in the units we are able to capture up to 6K timelapse video. This way it captures every detail of your project and the ability to scale or zoom in. Perfect for editors too. 

Also there is an option available for 8K. 


Most frequent questions and answers

We will process the timelapse so you can use it. The file is a H264 codec so you can use it anywhere and also an Apple Prores file, so an editor can use it in his edit. On request we also make edits with info in the video or with extra footage.

Yes, from 6 months, there is a discount of 5% and from a year there is a discount of 10% on the monthly fee.

Normally not, except if there is no daylight, if you want timelapse from the nighttime too or on locations where there is no mobile network.

Our camera’s capture a resolution of 6K, so it gives the possibility to even digitally zoom and still get a clean 4K image left.

Yes, when there is somthing wrong, we can check it instantly and fix it, whether it be on the location or over 4G.

Yes, we have a special made platform for the customers so you can check all the taken pictures on every date and time of your site or project. All included in the price.


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